Some of you might know that I seat in the LoCo Council. For those of you who are not really aware of the LoCo Council it is a group of people who are elected to govern Ubuntu LoCo teams, and utilize their past experiences, to provide guidance and help when needed to these teams and lead them by example.

Even if you have the opinion that the LoCo Council is only the compulsory stage before being approved or reapproved, we are doing way much more since we are here to help you when you are facing any issue in your team. Of course we are meeting every 3rd Tuesday of the month on #ubuntu-meeting (as you might see on our Agenda), but I think that the easiest way to contact us is to use our email address :

On the other hand, we think to many teams might face the same issue, or have the same needs. This is the reason why we have created (following an idea of Laura Czajkowski) a set of Best Practices and Guidelines. Please give it a look even if your team is already existing, since you might find some ideas in order to improve the way you act.

Finally I'd like to tell some little story about thoses pages. During our last meeting, I have noticed that they were not translated in French, which is as you have clearly guessed my mother tongue. I decided to send an email the the French Translators list right after the meeting (after 23:00). And by the very next morning, before 10:00 everything was translated and verified by at least 2 people. Woaw ! It is only terrific. It is just another reason of why I am really proud and happy of being part of that community. Thanks !